Industries We Serve

Create a customer loyalty program that works for your company.

If you are looking for ways to increase retention in your customer base, and your rewards program isn’t working, Deluxe Rewards can help. Our customer loyalty program offerings have helped customers across industries distribute rewards in an innovative way which can inspire everyday engagement, while building the lifetime value of individual customers.

At Deluxe Rewards, we specialize in customizing targeted rewards programs to the needs of a client’s marketplace, and have experience delivering success in a variety of industries. When you engage our services, your company receives a custom program strategy and online marketplace that empowers your customers with affinity to your brand, leading to profitable increases in all sales metrics.

Deluxe Rewards Unique Offerings

We offer a proven solution that can accommodate businesses in any industries

We create rewards programs that profitably change behavior for the long term

Our vendor relationships and supplier network create unique offers that differentiate us in the rewards space

Industries of Focus

Deluxe offers customer loyalty programs that are diverse and can serve rewards at any stage of the customer lifecycle, bringing real value to the customer’s relationship with your brand. If your industry isn’t listed here, contact us and we can talk about how we can customize a loyalty solution to help your company stand out in its marketplace.


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