Three Thoughts on Building Your YouTube Presence

May 15, 2018

Video is a critically important way many financial institutions reach out to both existing and potential consumers. As consumer content preferences change over time (people reading more but in smaller bites, such as Twitter, and video taking such a prominent place) marketers are increasingly tasked with driving more presence towards their video content platform.

While video content can certainly be housed in other locations (your financial institution’s own website, for example), the biggest player in the video arena continues to be YouTube. Following are three thoughts to help build upon and improve your YouTube presence in the quest for more views and interactions.

  • Clean up your channel with playlists and categories. An attractive and easy to read YouTube page is critical towards encouraging views and interaction. Organize your different videos into relevant and common-sense playlists and categories. For example, you might create one playlist titled “Community Involvement” for videos featuring your staff doing good in the community and another titled “Financial Education” that focuses on consumer financial education videos. By organizing your videos into playlists and categories, you not only make them easier to browse and view but you also encourage viewers to watch multiple videos consecutively.
  • Create videos that follow your brand personality. As with everything else in marketing, your brand should drive content, not the other way around. If you have a solid brand identity, ensure your video content complements that. If your brand is informal and geared towards younger consumers, you could produce video content with corresponding camera angles, language and editing. If your brand is more formal, you’d want to shoot video that reflects such an image with more refined backgrounds, audio and characters. Let your video content reinforce your brand.
  • Use video tags to help with SEO. YouTube is not just an online video content platform; it is also a highly-ranked search engine. Many consumers looking for information will go directly to and search from within its engine. It is therefore important that you think about search terms your consumers would use to find your information and ensure those keywords are embedded in your individual video tags. Such keywords might include “home mortgages,” “how to finance a car,” and “rebuilding credit after financial trouble.” Try to think like your consumers when using tags to describe your videos.

Video content will continue to be a powerful driver of consumer interaction with financial institutions. These few quick tips can help yours drive more traffic to its YouTube platform and increase critical metrics like views and interaction.

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