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Checking Account Rewards Programs Resonating Among Youth

May 22, 2015

Young people don’t use traditional banks as much as the rest of us, right? Everyone knows that. They’re all happy as clams using their smartphones to access their digital “no-check” transaction accounts and Internet-based financial institutions. Some might never open a traditional checking account let alone walk into an actual branch location. This is all […]


Can Agile Methodology Enhance Your Rewards Program?

May 18, 2015

We recently began applying Agile methodology to our marketing process. We’ve employed it in the traditional sense with our IT development process for years and have seen a lot of improvements. So it occurred to us that we could use it to enhance our marketing process as well, since communications are such an integral part […]


Top Challenges Facing Loyalty Program Managers

May 8, 2015

Americans aren’t afraid to enroll in loyalty programs; the average consumer is a member of at least eight programs, according to North American Technographics Customer Life Cycle Survey. But do all those enrollments automatically lead to deeper engagement? Not necessarily. Data indicates that loyalty programs that fail to overcome some common obstacles aren’t as effective […]


3 Loyalty Program Engagement Tips You Haven’t Tried

May 1, 2015

Log ins, time on site, redemptions – When it comes to your loyalty program, there are certain key metrics you should always track and explore ways to improve. Everyone knows some tried and true methods to get incremental boosts in your engagement rates, whether it relates to your email or web communications. But sometimes there […]


Do Your Rewards Feel ‘Tailor-Made’ or One-Size-Fits All?

Apr 24, 2015

“One size fits all” may work for a rain poncho, but it’s no way to run a loyalty program. Forrester Research tells us that the desire to save money inspires the majority of loyalty program participants to enroll. Yet how they want to save money – the rewards they expect – can vary widely based […]