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Loyalty Program Drivers: Is Your Financial Institution in it for the Right Reasons?

Jan 29, 2016

Marketers across virtually every industry have turned to loyalty programs to help build their brands and drive consumer behaviors. Many succeed, others do not. Yet in the banking world, it seems more common for programs to struggle for efficacy and profitability. Why is that? What’s different in the financial industry that makes it so difficult […]


Does Your Loyalty Program Turn Members into Brand Advocates?

Jan 8, 2016

Referrals remain the lifeblood of growth for financial institutions, and banks are constantly looking for new tactics to boost referral numbers. Yet one valuable referral-building tool is probably already in your arsenal – you just might not be using it to its full potential yet. We’re talking about loyalty programs. Is anyone in the financial […]


What Makes Consumers Join Loyalty Programs Isn’t Always What Makes Them Stay

Dec 30, 2015

The loyalty program landscape is a realm of conflicting realities. Seventy-one percent of American consumers belong to at least one loyalty program, according to Forrester Research’s updated Loyalty Program Participant Profile. Yet we know many program members fall inactive after enrolling. Banks say loyalty programs are a priority they’re willing to spend on, yet only […]


The Durbin Amendment and the Return to Rewards on Debit Portfolios

Dec 11, 2015

After four years of ticking off practically everyone it affects, it’s probably safe to say the verdict is in on the Durbin Amendment – it didn’t work the way its authors wanted it to. Guest blogger Glen Sarvady shared his thoughts in a recent post, but to summarize: The savings that legislators intended to flow […]


Why the EMV Shift is an Opportunity to Breathe New Life into Debit Rewards Programs

Nov 25, 2015

The holiday shopping season is upon us and, believe it or not, EMV is the gift that keeps on giving – for your rewards programs. Firstly, the chip-enabled credit and debit cards will be more secure against fraud to help protect your institution and your account holders. And secondly, while it’s true that EMV is a […]


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