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Reward behavior, drive engagement, and grow relationships.

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We provide multiple touch points that allow a continuous dialog with customers, unlike any other solutions can offer.

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Drive profitable behaviors at a fraction of the cost of other rewards programs.

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Deluxe Rewards programs can reward consumers for any measurable behavior. Our team helps develop custom programs that inspire everyday engagement with innovative fulfillment options which increase customer loyalty and purchasing power.

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Rewards Blog

Segmentation Lessons from an Ancient Roman Fruit Vendor

September 16, 2016

In your eagerness to stay on the leading wave of the digital transformation, is your bank sacrificing power for speed? Big data has the potential to help financial institutions create customer experiences that are meaningful, relevant and engaging on an individual level. But if you homogenize your use of digital…


Build loyalty program success with delight-inspiring email

September 2, 2016

The only thing worse than sending a marketing email that fails to do what you want it to do is sending one that has the completely opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish. When your customers receive an email from you regarding your loyalty program, are they delighted…


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